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We deliver everything you need for a memorable cinema experience!

It’s time to upgrade your cinema seating with new movie theatre seats from Dolphin Leadcom Seating. One of the most important aspects of the cinematic experience is the comfort and luxury of the seats, which can often be the deciding factor when a customer is debating which movie theatre to attend. The variety of our movie theatre seating is excellent, comfortable, and includes different attractive options that will easily match the interior of your theatre. Each of our seats also comes with a host of different accessories and customisable options, which will help you define the movie theatre experience for your patrons.

Ever since we launched our first cinema chair, we have devoted every effort into our cinema seating products, not only to fulfil every movie-goer’s desire and need for comfort, but also to exceed your own expectations as a cinema manager for creating a complete cinema experience for everyone in the theatre. Choose from our full-rocker, fixed back, or VIP recliner for optimum levels of comfort.

Our cinema seating is made ultra-comfortable by:

  • Using raw materials for seat cushioning sourced from BASF Germany the back and seat cushion of our cinema seating are highly resilient and provide superior support and comfort to your body. You’ll be able to enjoy your movie knowing that your back is properly supported with only the finest of materials.
  • Bespoke designed chair width for comfort to suit different body sizes. Whether for seating smaller children or larger adults, our cinema seating is comfortable and supportive to provide the movie-going experience you’re seeking.
  • Configured for the best seating layout: Our professional technical support team helps you plan the best seating layout with ideal row spacing so that your legs will be comfortably placed and your sightline to the screen will be minimally blocked. This allows for your patrons to enjoy the best seat in the house from anywhere in the theatre!

Another concern moviegoers have is about the facilities that make their cinema experience more enjoyable, such as in-seat food and beverage facilities or a love-seat creation feature. Therefore, we provide optional features, including a big swivel tray table, in-arm storage compartments and flip-up middle arm for love-seat configurations to complete and enhance patrons’ cinema experience.

The movie-going experience will always be taken to the next level with Leadcom Seating using our movie theatre seat options. Contact us to find out more about our customisable features, and let us help you make your movie theatre the most comfortable and desirable in the area!

Let our team outfit your cinema with excellent, attractive, durable, and comfortable seating at the right budget. Call Today!

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