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Auditorium Seating

Leadcom auditorium seating is as comfortable and stylish as it is robust and cost-effective. Whether an intimate venue or large auditorium project, Leadcom Seating can provide high-quality seating to meet your every need, whether the requirement is for budget or high-end premium seating or to fit the most challenging space requirements.. Thanks to our industry-leading deliver times, we have the flexibility to produce and deliver to the most demanding of schedules.

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cinema seating

Cinema and Theater Seating

Whether you require fixed-back seating, full-rockers. VIP seating or even a mixed combination (classic to European style), Leadcom Seating have the perfect configuration for your cinema or theatre venue. We fully design and manufacture to your precise specification, and for international installations work closely with your own local installation engineers. All our quality seating offers comfort, durability, low maintenance and the best value to ensure your patrons enjoy the best cinema or theatre experience.

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airport seating waiting area seating

Waiting area seating – airport, travel terminal and hospital

Our waiting area seating portfolio includes seats manufactured from stainless and perforated steel, aluminium, contoured wood, and injection-moulded polyurethane and can include upholstering or padded seating. All are ergonomically designed with comfort in mind to render waiting more tolerable for the end-user. Seating can be colour-coordinated to match the environment and accessories such as tabling and cup holders can be included.

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education seating

Education seating

Leadcom Seating’s lecture hall range is aimed at higher education establishments and doesn’t sacrifice comfort or environment enhancement in order to provide durability, rigidity and strength. Designing a lecture hall for students is always a challenge, and Leadcom are more than happy to assist with design, planning and implementation at no extra cost to ensure the graduates of tomorrow learn in a comfortable and enhanced educational environment conducive to their learning.

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church seating

Church Seating

For churches that require something more than traditional fixed “traditional pew” seating and require the flexibility of individual chairs to make the best use of devotional spaces, from fixed auditorium seating to movable seats and stacker, Leadcom seating has the perfect solution.

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passenger seating

Passenger seating – coach, bus, ferry

With only the highest-quality components used throughout, and continuous rigorous testing to international standards, Leadcom bus and coach seating resets the standard for passenger safety, comfort, strength and performance. Whether it’s a coach, bus, minibus or coach-van, Leadcom provides finished, painted, covered seating (all to corporate colour specifications if required) that is installation-ready.

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