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VALLEY features a slim profile for venues where space maximisation is most needed. A minimum centre to centre size of just 19 3/5“ (just under 50cm) makes it the best space saver for your venue. The polypropylene outer-back and seat pan is easy to clean and maintain for long-term ownership cost reduction.

  • OUTERBACK: High-impact polypropylene
  • SEAT & BACK CUSHION: Ergonomic cushion
  • SEAT PAN: High-impact polypropylene
  • TIP-UP SEAT MECHANISM: Counterweight mechanism
  • ARMREST: Injection-moulded, high-impact ABS
  • LEG: Strong steel structural support

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Description MM INCH
C/C (armrest center to center) 500 19.7
Overall back height 900 35.4
Arm width 60 2.36
Armrest to rear back depth 520 20.5
Floor to seat height 460 18.1
Floor to armrest height 592 23.3
Minimum row spacing 850 33.5

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