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If you are looking for a chair that enhances your venue, you need look no further than Leadcom Seating’s MCLANE. This is definitely a great choice for total performance and total comfort. Its engineered low back profile secures your optimal sightline from the moment you are seated.

  • OUTERBACK: Elegant plywood surfaced with wood veneer
  • SEAT & BACK CUSHION: Ergonomic seat cushion and back cushion
  • SEAT PAN: Elegant plywood surfaced with wood veneer
  • TIP-UP SEAT MECHANISM: Counterweight/counter-balance mechanism
  • ARMREST: Wooden arm cap
  • LEG: Strong steel structural support

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leadcom seating 6618at
Description MM INCH
C/C (armrest center to center) 550/560 21.7/22
Overall back height 845 33.3
Arm width 60 2.36
Armrest to rear back depth 580 22.8
Floor to seat height 455 17.9
Floor to armrest height 650 25.6
Minimum row spacing 850 33.5

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