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Why Dolphin Leadcom Seating?

Leadcom Seating is a global public seating specialist. We design, craft and create bespoke seating solutions for auditoriums, cinemas, airports, educations and churches.

We know that you have many options to choose from when it comes to public seating, but we’ve made it easy to see why Leadcom Seating is hands-down the best choice for your space.

  • Years of experience and expertise

Every seat is unique, every project is different. At Leadcom Seating, we are justifiably proud of our unparalleled custom-design capabilities. When we design seating for your space, our 33 highly-trained seating engineers take fully into account row spacing, any relevant height restrictions, level of functionality required, ease  of installation and  after-sales maintenance to meet your precise site requirements and accommodation specifications.

We listen. We discuss. We advise. Our professional team of sales representatives and technicians can provide answers to questions you may have on our seating solutions. This includes design, planning, manufacturing, installation and after-sales maintenance. We are always on hand at the initial planning stage to advise and help you make the best use of your available space. Our decades of genuine,  in-house  “concept  to  installation” experience and expertise make us the right team for your project.

  • We make it happen

Over time, Leadcom Seating has established an enviable reputation for providing seating of excellent comfort, performance and outstanding durability. This couldn’t happen without our rich manufacturing resources. Unlike many other seating  companies who are only responsible for assembly of most seating components outsourced to other suppliers, 99% of our products are well tooled in our 120,000 sqm in-house facilities with ONE MILLION seats production capability. You will have our well-trained production-planning teams to setup a full range of major processes needed to manufacture its products.

More than 10,000 customers worldwide now trust Leadcom Seating to in turn guarantee their own business success. Will you become one of them?

Dolphin Leadcom Seating cares about the world we are living in.

What’s important is not just what we do, but how we do it. We never compromise quality and safety by cutting corners for commercial gain. From every step of product development and manufacturing, to investing in our people and future workforce, we always consider people and the world in which we live – these are values that Dolphin Leadcom Seating has held since day one.

  • Caring for customers

Dolphin Leadcom is proud not to sacrifice quality and safety for commercial gain. For example, Dolphin Leadcom use only highest grade steel and environmentally-friendly materials as well as only fully qualified and quantified material to produce our seating. Installations are to the highest possible standards to ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of end users and venue management alike.

  • Caring for staff

Dolphin Leadcom recruit, develop and motivate skilled and talented employees.  We provide fortnightly training and educational courses on a host of processes used by the business.

  • Care in the supply chain

We evaluate and choose all our suppliers carefully to ensure they provide only the highest quality materials with consistent and reliable on-time delivery. We also work only with those suppliers who can guarantee they can ensure a consistency and quality that supports our continuing development. 

  • Care for the environment

Raw materials – all wood, fabric, glue and metal powder uses in Leadcom seating products are environmentally compliant

Waste treatment – Waste water is only released to the municipal sewers after 3-phase precipitation. Polluted air is filtered by activated carbon and then released through the workshop roof top. Dust is collected by dust collector.

Recycle and reuse – Metal powder coat process are undertaken in dust-free workshop, and powder is recycled and reused. Scrap metal, wood, fabrics and a variety of paper products are also recycled and reused.

Solar panel project – Solar panels on Leadcom manufacturing facility roof-top generate 2 MILLION KW of electricity annually.


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